about us

About Us

At Camberwell Cane we are committed to providing quality Australian Made cane furniture to our customers. All work on our cane furniture, including frame construction, hand weaving and upholstery is done by professional craftspeople on our premises.

Whether it is our lounge suites, dining chairs or verandah furniture, all our rattan, wicker and seagrass is completely natural and made from ecologically sustainable resources.

We have cane furniture for all occasions, from the classic, timeless rattan look to sleek, modern and stylish pieces incorporating hardwood and leather.

We also offer custom made cane furniture that can be woven to suit a client’s needs, ranging from small pieces to large-scale projects.

We offer a cane furniture repair and upholstery service to preserve the life of your treasured cane furniture, please call us on (03) 9809 1723 to discuss any work you may require.